How to Make the World a Better Place #9

This has been on my mind a LOT lately, so much so that I have to write about it or I’m going to explode.

Look, man. I know there’s a lot to hate, and a lot to be angry about. Over the last few years, I realized that I’m actually a very angry person—I didn’t get PTSD for no reason. I get angry at people who hurt others, who stoke hatred and self-righteousness, who cast stones at folks who are different and don’t even try to understand them. I’ve been on the receiving end, and it sucks. I hate seeing it done to others. I hate seeing others in pain.

But do you know what being angry has done to fix it?


It didn’t heal anything. In fact, it made things worse. It’s like picking scabs and tearing stitches. It just kept me hurting.

I know I have to let go. And I’ve started to. And it’s amazing. Letting and helping things heal… I actually feel better! Shocking, right?

You know what’s helped? Kindness, compassion and understanding, from my dear friends and family. They’ve helped me close wounds. Trying to do the same for others and to help—it’s healed old wounds. Well-done EMDR and prayer has helped me make positive connections from past to present, and helped me put things away. Exercise and prayer is empowering, and has given a place for anger to go, and helped me keep from scratching stitches. I watch better shows, read better things, reminding me that there are good people out there—a lot of good people. I constantly strive to guide my thoughts to more positive paths.

You know what didn’t help? Filling my head with stuff that picked at scabs and made me angry. There’s no room for light and healing when you’re constantly pushing it out with rage.

What are your thoughts, words and actions contributing to? Peace and healing, or anger and hatred?

How about the things you give your time and attention to? Are they feeding thoughts of peace, or are they feeding anger and hate? The people you choose to listen to—how do they make you feel? Do they uplift you, filling your heart with love and compassion? Or are they making your heart heavy with enmity and rage?

Which feeling builds bridges and heals?

It’s time to heal things. It’s time to let the anger go.

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