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“Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth.”
-Albert Camus

The Search for the Princes Begins…

Written by Samantha J. Rose
Illustrated by Creed Rose

When a princess is kidnapped like her mother before her, a daring rescue is launched to save them both…

It’s been eleven years since Princess Song’s mother was kidnapped by masked men atop horses made of purple water. Now the men and their eerie horses have returned-and have taken the princess.

On the bright side, she’s reunited with her mother, the queen, and learns of her daring escape plan-a plan that means facing deadly dragons…

Zhen was tasked with protecting his childhood friend, Princess Song, and his failure has left him desperate to save her…

As the King’s last resort, Zhen is sent on a secret mission to find The Prophet-a man avoided for his odd ideas, but the only person who might know how to save the princess. When Prince Sky learns of his father’s decision to send Zhen to find his mother and sister, he refuses to let him go alone. Together, they will risk their lives to find them, trusting The Prophet and his strange ship as he takes them through a dangerous portal hidden beneath the sea.

Will Zhen save the princess? Will the queen’s escape lead them to safety? Will the princess be graced with a happily ever after?

With its stunning illustrations, this fairytale-inspired story is sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of young and old alike.