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Everyone assumes he’s dead. But this is what actually happened . . .

The moment he’s sure his life is over, Isaac is thrown right into an unbelievable adventure. Literally thrown.

Honestly, as a sailor whose life is centered around canvas sails and the sea, the last person Isaac ever expects to find in a fairytale is, well . . . himself.

Yet here he stands, on the edge of the River from the storybook his mother used to read to him as a child, watching it flow from one planet to another as far as his eyes can see.

Adding to this absurdity, he’s been dragged there by a beautiful, green fairy with vines for hair and an explosive anger problem—yes, literally explosive. Also, he had to fight a little old man to get here—a vicious little old man and his air dragon.

How can Isaac ever embrace his new reality when the old one was so abruptly taken away? How much more will he have to face before he can return home to his dinners of mashed potatoes and turkey? His adventure couldn’t possibly include giant worms, massive flowers with eyes, clairvoyants, shapeshifters, or that terrifying man he calls Snowman . . .
Could it?

When a princess is kidnapped like her mother before her, a daring rescue is launched to save them both…

It’s been eleven years since Princess Song’s mother was kidnapped by masked men atop horses made of purple water. Now the men and their eerie horses have returned-and have taken the princess.

On the bright side, she’s reunited with her mother, the queen, and learns of her daring escape plan-a plan that means facing deadly dragons…

Zhen was tasked with protecting his childhood friend, Princess Song, and his failure has left him desperate to save her…

As the King’s last resort, Zhen is sent on a secret mission to find The Prophet-a man avoided for his odd ideas, but the only person who might know how to save the princess. When Prince Sky learns of his father’s decision to send Zhen to find his mother and sister, he refuses to let him go alone. Together, they will risk their lives to find them, trusting The Prophet and his strange ship as he takes them through a dangerous portal hidden beneath the sea.

Will Zhen save the princess? Will the queen’s escape lead them to safety? Will the princess be graced with a happily ever after?

With its stunning illustrations, this fairytale-inspired story is sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of young and old alike.

Check out the award-winning novel, The Very Real World of Emily Adams!

“Be a rebel. In a world of darkness, become light.”

Emily Adams has lost everything. Injured from a fight with her now officially-ex-boyfriend, she’s fled to an unfamiliar city with nothing but the change in her pocket and a broken relationship with her father. As hope slips away, she seeks to put a permanent end to her pain…

Until an enchanting encounter with a magic man in a dress changes everything.

Given a new chance at life, Emily embarks on a journey with her new BFF, a mysterious clairvoyant, and a band of musicians to stop the monsters that threaten the world. And she may uncover something even more impossible-if she can let go of the past and believe in herself enough to embrace it.

🏆 2020 Best Indie Book Award® Urban Fantasy Winner

🏆 2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards® Fantasy Winner

“This story begins with the titular character standing on a roof top, contemplating suicide. Thankfully for lovers of off-kilter urban fantasy, she is saved by a man in a black cocktail dress who takes her on a journey to save the world and herself. The Very Real World of Emily Adams is as much an extended love letter to the 1990s as it is a fantastic adventure, bursting with pop culture and music references, solidified by the author’s use of CD-inspired “Tracks” instead of chapters. Rose makes the bold decision to alternate between first- and third-person narration with these tracks. In the hands of a less-talented author this might not work, but via her skilled pen this unusual structure creates a deep, nuanced and satisfying journey.”

John L. Rak, Jr., Next Generation Indie Book Awards Judge

Featured on ABC4’s Good Things Utah by The Book Break!

And on CBS2’s Fresh Living!

I absolutely unequivocally loved this book. . . . I finished it in one sitting WITHOUT TAKING A BREAK. I couldn’t put it down even if you paid me because this book was so captivating and engaging that I had to finish it. The plot twists made my jaw drop to the floor because they were written so seamlessly it almost seemed effortless for the author to come up with them. The characters stole my heart.

–Meli’s Book Reviews

“What an incredibly witty, lovely and original read. . . . This is a book that has no category for me, it is a tantalizing cocktail [of] different styles, wise words and a thought provoking story. . . . This is a treasure to keep with you and to re-read.”

–Discover My Book Soul

“I was hooked immediately. . . . This is a magical gem of a novel. I adored this book and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to review it. . . . It’s just a wonderfully unique novel and I urge you to try it out for yourselves.”

–Kerry Robinson, Like Herding Cats Blog

The Very Real World of Emily Adams strikes the perfect balance between dark and light. Samantha Rose, an emerging new author, displays unique talent on every page. She offers up a story that is as modern as it is timeless and brilliantly weaves a believable fantasy world through pockets of very real issues that are familiar to so many of us. With an air of edgy humor, and an abundance of mystery, this novel belongs in the hands of any person who sometimes blurs the lines between monsters and humans. 

–Kaci Morgan, bestselling author of Queen Immortal