Life is Wonderfully Unpredictable

Look at that GORGEOUS sunrise!! Gorgeous. It literally took my breath away. I got up all early this morning, and watched the sunrise from Paul’s gym as I worked out to the magic of My 600 Pound Life. Little did I know, I’d get my first official death threat today. It’s just a special reminder that life is wonderfully unpredictable. So there I was, driving … Continue reading Life is Wonderfully Unpredictable

Beware of Monsters

I don’t know who drew this, but it’s amazing! Fun thought for your Halloween night: Remember, the monsters aren’t the creatures in your movies or on TV… you walk among them every. single. day. They’re perfectly hidden, because they look just like everybody else. You may have handed one their change, and they may have thanked you with a smile. You wouldn’t have known, because … Continue reading Beware of Monsters

What Sarah Found

***WARNING!*** The following story got me banned from using Facebook Advertising. Proceed of your own free will and choice. Sarah ran out into the street and sat on the sunbaked pavement, wrapping her little arms around her knees as she cried. Her tiny body trembled as autumn leaves fell from the trees, swirling around her in a breeze that carried the smell of an approaching … Continue reading What Sarah Found


Her name is Beth. Well, Bethany, but she prefers Beth. She’s never liked the name Bethany. That’s what I heard her tell that lady from marketing—I think her name is… Lori? Laura? Whatever. It doesn’t matter. I don’t know why Beth confides in that lady so much. She’s a terrible listener. You can tell that she doesn’t really get anything Beth is talking about by … Continue reading Beth