Thoughts From a Sick Momma With a Sick Baby

I love this kid. I love him! He is my sweet, little buddy.

We thought he was on the mend, but Wednesday, *exactly* one week (almost to the hour! Last week was around 8:15, this week, it was around 5:30-ish), he woke up puking again with a fever of 100.3. The stomach irritation lingered throughout the day, unlike the first day of being sick. He has had a fever nearly every day (except the day before he puked again, oddly enough) since January 5. It only goes down when he takes Motrin. He has never been so sick. None of my boys have ever been sick like this for this long. He was super happy today, though, laughing at every opportunity. He’s pretty much always happy. He’s determined to be, even when he’s miserable.

I’m super sick, now, too. I took an At-Home Covid Test and it was positive. Paul has a sore throat. We’re still waiting on our PCR Test results. Thankfully, Dexter and Canon have been tested and both tests were negative! 🙏

I’m in so much pain, I’m stuck in bed—I can only imagine how much worse it’d be if I wasn’t vaccinated! #shouldvegotthebooster—so, Ollie has been taking care of me, even though he’s sick, snuggling me a bunch and bringing me chocolate. He’s brought me games to play, like Battleship and Phase 10. He’s been building pillow forts next to me, and we hang out under his blankie. He‘s seriously, the *sweetest* little dude!

I can’t tell you how scared I was when he threw up again. I’m so relieved that he’s doing better today (even if he still has a fever that only goes down with medicine), and that we both have the same sickness so I can’t make him sicker with my snuggling. I still don’t know where he got it.

I’ve cried so much. I just… vaccines protect the most vulnerable from an illness. Not just you, when you get the vaccine, but those who can’t get it for medical reasons—more especially small children. It slows (and can even end) the spread. This should not be a political issue. People should be getting vaccinated and wearing masks when they don’t feel well because they want to do something to help. They see a need, and they want to help. It is the smallest of sacrifices that can actually *save* people—especially the most vulnerable.

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