My Brain Baby is 1 Month Old!!!

My brain baby is 1 month old today!! Awww.

It’s been a journey of about 8 years, and there were times where I just knew that I would never see today. That I’d never have a book written and published, out in the world to turn 1 month old. I just knew it.

But there was this light in my heart that I couldn’t silence, that dragged me back up when I was sure I couldn’t take another step. Even when I had to trash those first two manuscripts because pieces of them had been stolen and I wanted to quit then and there, it told me that this was something I had to do. When I dissolved into tears of frustration and felt like my writing was crap, it told me that I had to give it a solid effort, I had to get back up, I had to try.

And now, here I am. I wrote a book, I love it to death, and it’s been published and has turned 1 month old! I honestly don’t think it’s completely sunk in for me that this has happened, it just took so long to get here and so many things went wrong, but… it’s real! I finally—FINALLY—made it!

So let me tell ya—if you have something that just burns in your heart, something that speaks to you that you think might just be impossible to do, but it’s got a hold on you and won’t let go—then listen to it! Don’t give up! When it tells you to get back up, get back up! It might seem absolutely impossible, you might dissolve into tears of frustration, you might have MAJOR setbacks—but don’t give up. Don’t give up. You will be SO glad you didn’t!!

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