Gotta Start Somewhere

Today, I FINALLY finished the virtual Independence 5K Run! WOOHOO! I’m so happy. I’m so, SO out of shape. It took me so long (my time is a dark, dark secret, but I will say this—it’s my worst one yet) and I walked a LOT, but I did it!!

Now that my book is officially out there and finished, I’m 100% focused on my next project—getting well again (really, finishing the book was a huge part of this, but now I’m on to the next one, and ALL in!). And I’m just so happy I was able to do this today!!

Runtastic Events used this virtual run to raise money for the Equal Justice Initiative, which is just SO cool and I’m so, so happy I could be a part of it, and I’m super excited that this is where I’m kicking off this next part of Operation Getting Well Again.

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