Great Scott!

“Last night, Darth Vader came down from the planet Vulcan and told me that if I didn’t take Lorraine out, he’d melt my brain.”

I still bust up at that part, every time. It never gets old!

Man, I just got to see my favorite movie, Back to the Future, at my local Drive-In theater, which is something I thought would never happen. I got to park front and center—viewing my favorite movie in my favorite shirt. It says “Peace be still,” which was what tonight was for me—a huge blessing, a great calm (I got this from my friend’s online store,, which everyone needs to check out! She has the CUTEST stuff!!). I’m so dang happy!!!

I seriously LOVE this movie! I cry every single time George McFly stands up to Biff. This time, I had tears literally streaming down my face. I love it so dang much!!!

This movie has affected my life so profoundly. I’ve learned that—maybe we can’t go back in time, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to change our situation or our fate. It’s not too late to change the future now.

It isn’t too late to stand up to the bully.

It isn’t too late to write that book.

It isn’t too late to heal what’s been broken.

It isn’t too late to take back the dream that was stolen.

It isn’t too late to have the life of your dreams.

As long as you’re breathing, it isn’t too late. It really isn’t. Changing the future can be the most difficult, scariest thing you ever do—but it is possible. There is hope!! Every step in that direction takes tremendous faith, but each step is SO worth it. And as you begin that journey, you’ll discover that you’re stronger and braver than you ever thought possible, and that life is truly wonderful.

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