I can’t believe it. The day seemed SOOO far away, but it’s finally here! The Very Real World of Emily Adams has officially been released!!!! AHHH!!!

You know, I was going to start my diet today, but… I think I need to celebrate. I need the world’s largest Dr. Pepper, and ice cream or homemade cookie dough, or I need to bake me a cake or something! Or ALL of the things!! Covid-19 may have moved my launch party day, but it can’t stop this party—no sir!

Because I can officially tell my 3rd grade self, who wrote stories and tried to make the end result look like the books she treasured on her shelf, “You did it. You became a published author!”

I would like to quote Back to the Future—more specifically, George McFly. I know the line is said throughout the movie, but it’s when George McFly says it that my heart just warms up: “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”

Don’t you forget it! Seriously, if I can do it—with my crippling anxiety and almost-constant analyzing of every conceivable way things could go wrong—then you absolutely can, too!! Never give up, never surrender!!

Grab yourself a copy today! The link is below. And when you get a chance to read it, please feel free to leave a review! I’ve honestly never really given much thought to this before but, apparently, reviews are CRUCIAL to the success of a book! So if you get a chance, please leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads! And tell your friends!!

The Very Real World of Emily Adams https://www.amazon.com/dp/1734904623/ref


  1. Congratulations! George McFly’s words are very true! We just have to keep believing

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