This is a call for unity, not division.

I feel deep empathy for anyone who is treated as less than human for the way they are born. I’ve heard horrible, heartbreaking stories of racism from my husband and in-laws. I’ve seen it firsthand for my little boy whose skin is a little dark, after he ran to me in tears at a birthday party because some kid said something awful to him. I’ve experienced painful, debilitating prejudice for my beliefs, for who I am, for the things I love, and straight up—because I’m a woman.

The statement “Black Lives Matter” isn’t saying that anyone else’s life and pain doesn’t matter. I don’t understand why people are taking it that way. I don’t understand why this is so divisive. It hurts me that people are choosing lash out at something that should unify everyone to a good cause, something that is a call to compassion and love.

I. Don’t. Get it.

This statement—I see it as an opportunity to take my experiences and observations and feel pain in behalf of those who are oppressed every. single. day. To me, it’s a cry for unity! It’s a statement that says, “Let us all unite to help our fellowman, who are crying out for help, compassion and understanding and who have been ignored for far too long.” That is what it means to me. That is how it is written in my heart.

My friends, I love you. And I stand by you. #blacklivesmatter

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