MY BRAIN BABY IS FINALLY HERE!!! I’m so happy and excited and happy that I can’t even think straight.

It is even more awesome than I imagined!!! Paul’s artwork is just… seeing it in person… I have no words! It’s so amazing!!! And I LOVE the little record that Ashley Literski added to the spine, and the little record page breaks added by Staci Olsen!!! 😍 I just absolutely ADORE it!!!

I have been stalking the post office everyday for the last couple of weeks, and twice a day lately. Because of issues with the printer-people, everyone was getting their copies of my book before me.

My sweet, wonderful neighbor works at the post office. She knew all-too-well what I was going through, so when her copy of my book also arrived before mine, she asked me if I would like to trade the copy she has now, for the Amazon copy I ordered that’s sure to arrive in the mail in the next day or three. Holding back tears, I said, “I think I will take you up on that.”

Thank you so, so, SO much, Heidi!!!!!

I can’t believe it! It’s real! It’s here!! I wrote a book! It was SO hard!!! Because of my anxiety, in the stress of finishing this book, within a year, I gained 60+ pounds, had about 4 breakdowns, lost tons of sleep—especially knowing I was writing something I wanted to write and I wanted to read, that was deeply personal and weird and would certainly not be for everyone—and often found myself asking, “Is it worth it??”

Holding this book in my hands, I can say confidently, with tears:

Yes. 100%. It was definitely, absolutely worth it.

My inner 3rd grader couldn’t be happier.

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