In order to do something well, we must first be willing to do it badly.

It’s okay if your first attempts at writing—or ANYTHING you want to learn how to do—are a bit messy. You’re learning! Learning is a messy process. You’re digging the foundation of something amazing. When you see an excavator digging the foundation of a home, it’s hard to imagine what that mess will to turn into someday—but once it’s finished, it’s the beautiful fulfillment of a dream, with multiple rooms, light and warmth.

So it is with our dreams, the things we hope to do and become. We can’t see all that our efforts will blossom into, but we can trust that as we press forward, one step at a time, we will one day achieve something remarkable, something that we can be proud of.

So, be compassionate with your first many steps toward your dreams. They’re going to be a bit wobbly, you’re going to stumble, it’ll be frustrating and you might want to throw something, and it might take longer to get better at it than you hoped—but don’t give up! As you keep going, you’ll start to see improvements—celebrate those victories!—and before long, you’ll be accomplishing things that felt impossible before. And it’ll be amazing!

It’s so worth it.