Give hope a try.

It’s about hope.

It’s difficult to explain why I refuse to give up on things. I’m an incredibly anxious person—that’s not a flippant statement, by the way. I have a genuine fear of people and only function because I’m heavily medicated 😅 I’m always worrying, I’m always afraid, I’m always expecting the worst possible outcome, and I’m always tired.

But I just can’t let myself get stuck in a box.

It’s a bright little flicker of hope… that’s what pushes me through the crushing fear. It’s the need to give purpose to the pain I’ve experienced—and continue to experience from scars. It’s the hope that something good can grow from ashes. I just have to try, you know? I’m going to die eventually anyway, no matter what I do (boy, was that drilled into my head in my Lifespan Development class this semester…). Might as well give hope a try.

And I hope you’ll do the same for yourselves. I hope you’ll give hope a try. You are so much more than your scars, and meant for so much more than life inside a box. What’s something you’ve always wanted to do? It doesn’t matter how small or great. Is it swimming with dolphins? Learning an instrument? Being on stage? Painting? Writing? Ghost hunting in an abandoned theme park?

Whatever it is, I know you can do it, because if someone like me can function—let alone publish some books and do other stuff—I know you can accomplish your dream. It’s all about hope, and choosing hope every day, no matter how dark and scary it gets. Taking little steps forward, one at a time (sometimes two at a time, and sometimes tumbling backward and trying again). It’s so worth it. I promise.

I hope you’ll give hope a try. You won’t regret it.