Introducing: My Second Brain Baby 13 Days Before Halloween!!! I’m So Happy.

Oh my gosh, I’m all teary and giddy, I’m just so happy!!! My second-born brain baby is officially finished and perfect!!! 📖 I’m so, so happy.

I originally was using a printer called IngramSpark (associated with Lightning Source) and they kept printing my covers off-center and totally brown. I emailed them over and over, and they made me re-upload the cover over and over—charging me $25-$75 every. single. time, telling me it was our mistake (and it wasn’t, we were right within their guidelines)—and they never fixed it. Eventually, they quit responding to my emails. Or, well, okay—after several increasingly upset emails from my end, WEEKS later, and well after I’d already moved my business elsewhere, they sent me an email telling me how I was in the wrong, but offering me a coupon to reupload the cover AGAIN for free (a coupon I’d requested WEEKS before). But I didn’t use it, because they’re horrible, and I was done. I loathe them with a special level of loathing.

So, I uploaded the manuscript to Barnes & Noble Press and Amazon directly. This is an Amazon print of the book, and it is EVERYTHING I ever wanted it to be!! ♥️

I’m so grateful to my super talented nephew, Creed, for his gorgeous artwork and patience with me. He is seriously so dang awesome!!! And of course, I’m so grateful to my AMAZING, talented husband Paul who designed the cover, and for all of his patience. ♥️ I’m so blessed to be surrounded by such awesomeness. I’m so happy with how this turned out, I can’t even adequately express it with words, I’m just gonna cry. It’s a dream come true.

And for it to happen 13 days before Halloween (13 is my lucky number, and Halloween is where my soul is from), it’s just even more special to me.

If you bought an off-center, not-as-pretty-as-this copy of Princess Song & the River, please let me know and I will gladly replace it for you! And thank you so much to everyone who has been so wonderful and supportive!!

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