Writing is Awesome

I’ve finished the 4th draft of What Actually Happened to Isaac Moore!!!

The 4th draft’s done. It’s finished.

And currently sits at approximately… 97,671 words.

It was such a painful draft… but totally worth it.

I realized with my last draft that I wasn’t doing justice to my villains. I didn’t even know them very well. So that was where my mind was as I went through this, and it changed everything for the better! I completely rewrote the ending, and… a whole bunch of other stuff… I added scenes, including a few from the villain’s perspective. I’m just excited.

One more draft to go, I hope 🤞

There is seriously nothing like writing. It’s hard work. It’s SO difficult. Trying to construct scenes and sentences and make them pretty, editing again and again in order to do your best, and do justice to your beloved characters (my brain is so fried and tired right now). Yet, it’s a meditative experience, where you have to let go of expectations and just flow along with the story. It requires integrity, honestly telling the story as it goes and letting your characters tell you about themselves and share their histories with you, even if it makes you uncomfortable and the character is even more awful than you thought. It requires tapping into an unseen plane and letting yourself drift away in it.

It’s magic. Total magic.

I love it so much. Man, I hope I can do this until I die.

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