The Very Real World of Emily Adams has a book trailer!

Check out this stunning book trailer for The Very Real World of Emily Adams, created by Melissa from The Book Break!! Seriously, Melissa is amazing. She has done SO much for me, I would just be lost without her. I’m so dang grateful for her!!

All about The Very Real World of Emily Adams:

⭐️ 2020 Best Indie Book Award® Urban Fantasy Winner

“Be a rebel. In a world of darkness, become light.”

Emily Adams has lost everything. Injured from a fight with her now officially-ex-boyfriend, she’s fled to an unfamiliar city with nothing but the change in her pocket and a broken relationship with her father. As hope slips away, she seeks to put a permanent end to her pain…

Until an enchanting encounter with a magic man in a dress changes everything.

Given a new chance at life, Emily embarks on a journey with her new BFF, a mysterious clairvoyant, and a band of musicians to stop the monsters that threaten the world. And she may uncover something even more impossible-if she can let go of the past and believe in herself enough to embrace it.


“The Very Real World of Emily Adams is a rich modern tale with dark suspense and redemptive love. It is the perfect balance of mysterious and inspiring and the kind of story that draws you in and won’t let go until every last word is consumed.” – Kaci Morgan, author of Queen Immortal

“I absolutely unequivocally loved this book. . . . I finished it in one sitting WITHOUT TAKING A BREAK. I couldn’t put it down even if you paid me because this book was so captivating and engaging that I had to finish it. The plot twists made my jaw drop to the floor because they were written so seamlessly it almost seemed effortless for the author to come up with them. The characters stole my heart.” – Meli’s Book Reviews

Now available on Audible and Kindle Unlimited! Also available at Barnes and Noble.

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