How to Make the World a Better Place #1

That’s right. Tell people how awesome you think they are. 

We tend to assume people know how amazing they are (and I’m sure that some people are well aware of their wonderfulness—good for them!). However, in my experience, I’ve discovered that more often than not, people are unaware of their genuine amazingness. Just because things are going well, doesn’t mean that a person isn’t in deep pain within. Even those who seem confident are often wearing a mask to hide their sorrow and insecurity.

Everyone has encountered harsh critics. No, really. *Everyone.* And unfortunately, those vicious words are the hardest ones to silence. I don’t know if any actual, scientific experiments have been done on this, but going off of personal experience, I daresay it takes about… oh… 10,000 compliments to drown out just *one* cut-down. 

So if you see someone do something you think is amazing, please, *please*—to make the world a better place and maybe even save a life—POUR ON THE PRAISE. 

I’ve conducted my own experiments on this. One day I decided that, when I notice something nice about a person I meet, I’m going to tell them. While my introverted-ness has gotten in the way at times, I’ll tell you—every. single. time. I’ve given a compliment, the person has noticeably brightened. Their eyes light up. Every time. It’s such a small, simple thing to do, but it can seriously make all the difference.  

It can be as simple as, “Hey, I like your shirt!” And then they say, “Oh, thank you!” The end. And that little part of the world just got a little better. 

Let any fears be swallowed up in the knowledge that, most likely, that person really needs to hear that nice thing you have to say, even if you don’t know them. Some of the most treasured compliments I’ve ever received have come from strangers. 

Parents—tell your children you think they’re awesome. Tell them all the wonderful qualities you see in them. Journal their best qualities so they can read and reflect on your words later. But even on their bad days, when they’re not being their best selves, show them overwhelming love. This teaches them that they deserve love, even when things aren’t alright. More and more research shows that, the key to raising mentally healthy adults, is raising children in a home where they *know* their parents love them unconditionally, where their emotional needs are met, and where they’re accepted, secure and heard. Your words and actions will help shape their inner voice and beliefs about themselves as they grow older. 

I’ve said in the past that being a parent is the most meaningful and important job on Earth, and I stand by that 1000%. In fact, I’m officially labeling it as the most important job in the universe!

If everyone did these things, I believe the world would heal a little and become a little calmer (or a lot calmer, even). And it all starts right here, with me and with you. Tell people how awesome you think they are!

The end.

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