Fall Family Photos, 2020 Edition

With some help from my brother-in-law, Corey, we were able to get some family pictures taken down in St. George on conference weekend.

So help me, I’m determined to get them done as often as possible! Whether our pictures are taken with lovely outfits or with T-shirts, torn jeans and scraped foreheads, they have to be done! Because these kids are just growing up way too fast, and I need pictures from every single phase, so I can reflect on them when they’re all grown up and busy, with families of their own—when they have to schedule in time to hang out with their parents.

Right now—these are the good old days. These exact ones that we’re living in. And like the stars hanging in the heavens, or a brilliant sunset, they cannot be caught and kept in jars. They can be lived in but once, and only captured in photographs and stored in fragile memory.

A busy life isn’t worth missing out on these moments. I have to keep reminding myself of that. I need to immerse myself in these good old days all the time, while they’re mine.

I love these people so dang much!! They are everything to me. They help keep me going. When I have days where I just crash and burn, I think of them, and I find strength to get back up and keep going. They’re just awesome. That’s just the way it is.

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