HAPPY NEW YEAR! A Mighty Welcome to Year 2020!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Y’ALL! 🎉 Did you know that not only is this year 2020—the start of a whole new decade of possibilities—but it’s also *leap* year?? How cool is that? I can’t fully explain *why* but, that just lights a fire in me! And now, one of my goals for this new, fantastic year, is to finish the first draft of my second novel, “What Actually Happened to Isaac Moore,” by leap day. So help me, this is going to happen!!! Today, I wrote 1,056 words! It’s the most I’ve written in AGES. WOO! I’m so excited for this first big step!!!

It’s going to be absolutely terrible—because it’s the first draft.

You know what this draft is going to be? Bones. That’s it. Bones to build the story on. No story can be finished unless you first write out the bones. Then draft after draft after draft after DRAFT later, you add substance. You readjust the story as you learn more about your characters. You take away things that don’t work, you carve out the beauty and structure and life of all you want to say.

But first, you gotta lay aside all thoughts of perfection (that will come much, much, MUCH later), and just finish that first draft!

Who’s with me??

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