1,111 Days

Yesterday, I reached day 1,111 consecutive days of at least 1/2 hour of scripture study each day. I am not a perfect person—one unscheduled visit to my home will show you that; you should ask to see my bedroom, where I hide all the laundry that I haven’t put away… on second thought, don’t do that. That’d just be uncomfortable for both of us.

But even though I am imperfect, and even though I have been broken and my brain walks through life with a limp that flares up in the winter, I know that my Savior loves me anyway. I know it because I have felt it. I feel His perfect, pure love for me every single time I open my heart and study His teachings. It’s not something that’s just read, it is a light that is *felt,* that melts away frost like warm sun on frozen glass. And I know—I *know*—He loves you, too. I know it. You are not too broken, there is nothing you have done, that can *ever* change His love for you. He knows you perfectly, He has walked in your shoes, and this He has done so He can help you, because He loves you.

Setting aside 1/2 an hour of study *will* change your life. While it won’t prevent the storms, it will give you courage to face them. It will bring Light into your day, that you might navigate your way through it. It will bring love into your heart. It will soothe your wounds and help them heal. That’s what it has done for me.

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