Life is Wonderfully Unpredictable

Look at that GORGEOUS sunrise!! Gorgeous. It literally took my breath away. I got up all early this morning, and watched the sunrise from Paul’s gym as I worked out to the magic of My 600 Pound Life. Little did I know, I’d get my first official death threat today. It’s just a special reminder that life is wonderfully unpredictable. So there I was, driving … Continue reading Life is Wonderfully Unpredictable

1,111 Days

Yesterday, I reached day 1,111 consecutive days of at least 1/2 hour of scripture study each day. I am not a perfect person—one unscheduled visit to my home will show you that; you should ask to see my bedroom, where I hide all the laundry that I haven’t put away… on second thought, don’t do that. That’d just be uncomfortable for both of us. But … Continue reading 1,111 Days

What I Know

Artwork by Simon Dewey Even though I struggle with actually getting to church, even though I’ve liked the monsters in the closet since I was a child, I have a testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel. I *love* my Savior *so* much. He is my Dearest Friend. I have a testimony of the healing power of His Atonement, because without His healing power and … Continue reading What I Know

The Final Draft is FINALLY Done! 🎉

Well, it is finished. It is finally finished. I’m totally brain dead now, so the following isn’t going to make much sense, but I just had to celebrate and say: the 12th and final round of editing is done, and The Very Real World of Emily Adams has been sent off for proofreading. HOORAY!!! 🎉 I’m so excited and happy, the FINAL edit is done! … Continue reading The Final Draft is FINALLY Done! 🎉

It May Take a Few Meltdowns, but You’ll Get There!

At LEAST two meltdowns… at *least*… I’ve just emerged from my 4th or 5th 😆 You know, I always get so sad when I see people start up on chasing their dreams, only to let them fade away. I think, “What are you doing?? How can you let this happen?? Just go for it!!” …But then I remember how incredibly *hard* the chase is. It’s … Continue reading It May Take a Few Meltdowns, but You’ll Get There!

The Blessings At Your Feet

So, I put on this costume and turned to my baby Ollie, threw out my arms, and growl-shouted, in my best Cookie Monster voice, “COOOKIES!!!” Ollie studied me with a smile for a moment, then said, “Ceh-ceh, CEE!” For “C”ookie, you know, as Cookie Monster taught him on Sesame Street. And that’s when I about died with delight, surprise and joy. I can’t tell you … Continue reading The Blessings At Your Feet