What I Know

Artwork by Simon Dewey

Even though I struggle with actually getting to church, even though I’ve liked the monsters in the closet since I was a child, I have a testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel. I *love* my Savior *so* much. He is my Dearest Friend.

I have a testimony of the healing power of His Atonement, because without His healing power and love, I wouldn’t be here.

I *know* that you are never too broken, you are never too far gone. You are never too lost in the dark. Never.

If you reach out to Him, He will come find you. He will fill your life with light and love. He will lift you up, and He will carry you out of the shadows. He will heal your wounds. He will set you free. He will fill your life with joy as exceeding as has been your pain.

I know that, through faith in Him—through seeking out His Spirit each day in sincere prayer and scripture study—He will carefully create a path for you. Just for *you*, specific to your injuries, to your pain and your need. He will help you through it, every step of the way. I know it, because that is what He has done for me. I still have a ways to go, but I have come so far, I know I can make it the rest of the way, because of Him.

There is no better friend. I *know* there is no one who understands and loves us more than our Savior, because He has literally suffered all that we have suffered, just so He *could* understand us and be there for us perfectly, and help us make our lives right, whether we messed up, or someone broke us, or both. He is SO forgiving, and so patient and kind, and loves you perfectly. I know that this is true, because I have felt and experienced this in my life.

My Savior and His gospel are *everything* to me. I know that He lives, and that He loves you, and that He’s always, *always* there for you.

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