You CAN Slay the Dragons

At 5:03 PM, with this signature, I officially signed a contract with Immortal Works LLC. “The Very Real World of Emily Adams” is going to be published!!!! I’m not only contracted for this novel, but for all of its sequels. I’m not crying… okay, I’m crying. I’m totally crying. I am overwhelmed with happiness. It’s just… unbelievable. I’d *hoped* this would happen, I worked my guts out for it… but I had no idea. I worked so hard that my brain died. I had all the symptoms of a stroke and they lingered for weeks. I *still* have them! So to say this means a lot to me… well, that’s an understatement. It better be a good book!

Do you see that little journal in this picture? And all of those spiral-bound things and those folders? Each one is part of a draft of this book. Granted, one of those folders just has idea-blurbs in it, but the rest… I started off writing this novel completely hopeless. I’d scrapped my two previous novels because of what had been stolen from them. I’d been told by this same thief that my writing was horrible. And on another day, that it would’ve been better to have killed myself back when I was suicidal, that I shouldn’t have ever sought help. I had been torn open. I wanted to give up on my writing… on, well, *everything*, all over again.

Then one day, 3-ish years ago, I had a moment of dark, sad inspiration. I grabbed a piece of paper and, with tears, I started writing. That’s about where all this started.

I wanted to quit so many times, I can’t even give you a number. But I just couldn’t do it. I had no idea what would become of any of it, but I just knew I needed to finish it, and to *try*. I love these characters so much and their *true* stories, they just had to be written. They’re the characters from the old books, you see, so it really works out that the old novels were thrown out. I was getting their stories wrong anyway. This is what *really* happened.

Please don’t *EVER* give up. When monstrous dragons raise their ugly heads, out to destroy you—even when they burn you so badly that you can barely move—keep fighting. They aren’t all-powerful. You *CAN* conquer them! Please let this show you that it’s worth it. ❤️

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