Write the Book You Want to Read

Write the book you want to read!

I’ve always been drawn to books. If a store has a book section, I’m in it. If a store has ALL books, well… I could live there. I don’t need food. I just need books… And a bathroom. And chocolate. And Dr. Pepper. But mostly books.

But one day, I noticed that I’d always leave the book section or book store, disappointed. I’d buy a bunch of books, but then never read them. I was looking for something I couldn’t ever find. And then, while in the book section of Target—the place where revelation seems to hit me—I realized what I was looking for…

It was my book.

It was *my* book I was searching for on those shelves. It was *my* book that I wanted the books I’d buy to morph into.

I still look for it. I still find myself among books, searching… and each day that I work my guts out on this manuscript, I get a little closer to finding it.

Never give up, my friends! If you want it bad enough, you will fight for it. Work your guts out for it. If a day can’t pass without you thinking about it, it’s calling to you. If you refuse to quit, one day you’ll find your story among the shelves. One day, it’ll be in your hands, and you’ll smell the ink and the paper as you flip through the pages. Your beloved characters will come to life through the magic of your words. FINALLY you’ll have found the book you’ve been wanting to read—YOUR book.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to that day.

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