It’s Publication Day!!!

It’s here!! It’s Publication Day! ‘What Actually Happened to Isaac Moore’ is officially released out into the world! YAY!!!

I’m tearing up. I’m so happy. I once thought I would never write this book. I truly never thought I’d ever be published at all. But man, I wanted it. I wanted it so bad.

No dream comes without sacrifice (and maybe a few mental breakdowns). No dream comes without changing your mind a little bit, challenging all the negative voices in your head with, “What if, though? What if I make it?” No dream can happen without changing your life, your direction. No dream can happen without faith. But all dreams are possible. They’re possible, man!! Never give up! Never surrender!!! If I can do it, so can you!!

I just have to share this review. I’d been going through such a difficult time when I got it, and I was feeling really low. It was bad. Then I got this review. It seriously meant so much to me, I was so happy that I cried for a… a while, haha. I got this review cleeeeear back on September 30th, and it has been SO DIFFICULT to keep it to myself all this time! I just love Nicky Flowers for her kind, life changing words.

What Actually Happened to Isaac Moore by Samantha J. Rose

★★★★★ Reviewed by Nicky Flowers for Indies Today

“At first glance, you might be reminded of a C. S. Lewis Narnia tale, and with good reason. Samantha J. Rose offers a fresh and fast fantasy novel that rushes from the page with ambition, excitement, vibrancy, and a relentless tingle of optimism. But What Actually Happened to Isaac Moore takes things a step further, delivering an epic adventure infused with wit, charm, and a modern awareness that all audiences will enjoy. Although this novel is overflowing with imagination and movement, the thoughtful character development ensures that readers will be as invested in Isaac’s personal journey as they are in his extra-earthly exploits. With his tendency to soften misery with bravado and self-deprecating humor, Isaac proves to be a spunky character audiences will love before the first chapter ends. Family forward and boundlessly fun, What Actually Happened to Isaac Moore has the whimsical feel of a classic fairytale with as much delight and wonderment as a single story can contain.”

Also, check out this beautiful artwork by Firman Farheza!! I absolutely LOVE it. This is depicting a scene from ‘What Actually Happened to Isaac Moore,’ where my beloved characters, Rain and Nothe, discover the river portal. I love his interpretation of it so much!!! ♥️

Today has been absolutely wonderful. I feel so incredibly blessed.