10 DAYS!!!

10 DAYS!!! AH! I’m sooo excited for this Christmas present! I can’t wait!!

Can’t wait either? Check out the Prologue!


The Question on Few People’s Minds

​“What ever happened to Isaac Moore?” a young lady asked. She had fancied him, what with his charm, sophisticated look, and magically smooth brown hair. Oh, and the successful business he’d inherited. There was no overlooking that.

​A young man responded with pretend hesitance. “Well . . . I’m not sure how to tell you this,”—but he was actually very happy to tell her since he fancied her—“but he went out to sea and hasn’t been heard of since. I reckon he and his crew got caught up in that big storm a few months back. Tragic, really. I’m so very, very sorry.” He moved in closer, putting a comforting arm around her shoulders.

​Yes, that was the word among anyone who cared enough to ask the question. They went on with their lives, assuming he, his crew, and his ship with her sails had drowned in the depths of the ocean.

But this is what actually happened to Isaac Moore.