3 WEEKS Until Publication Day!!!

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it! My novel, What Actually Happened to Isaac Moore, will be published to the world 3 WEEKS from TODAY! AHHH!!!

I’m gonna start counting down. We’re at 21 DAYS!

I’m so excited!!! I love these characters. They’ve helped me through so, SO much, so much more than I can say. I’m so happy and SO GRATEFUL for this chance to let them build summer homes in other peoples minds. I truly thought it would never happen. It’s an absolute dream come true. For real. Merry Christmas to me!! 🎄⭐️☃️🎅

If you’ve gotten an ARC and enjoyed the story, pop on over to Goodreads and leave a rating and/or review! Let me know what you thought!

Here is the final back blurb:

The moment Isaac is sure his life is over, he’s thrown right into an unbelievable adventure. Literally thrown.

As a sailor whose life is centered around canvas sails and the sea, the last person Isaac ever expects to find in a fairytale is, well… himself. Yet here he stands, on the edge of the River from the storybook his mother used to read to him as a child, watching it flow from one world to another as far as his eyes can see. Adding to this absurdity, he’s been dragged here by a beautiful, green fairy with vines for hair and an explosive anger problem—yes, explosive. Also, he had to fight a vicious little old man and his air dragon to get to this point.

How much more will he have to face before he can return to his dinners of mashed potatoes and turkey? His adventure couldn’t possibly include giant worms, massive flowers with eyes, clairvoyants, shapeshifters, or that terrifying man Isaac calls Snowman…

Could it?