1 Day Until Cover Reveal!

Almost there!

Here is a random excerpt from the portal fantasy, What Actually Happened to Isaac Moore:

“We’re from Earth,” Elise said. She pointed to the large blue planet looming over them and shrugged. “Well, he’s from Earth. I suppose I simply lived there for a while. I’m trying to get back home to my world—it’s there on that map, ya? I need to visit the Wise Man from my city so he can guide me to the Planet of the Dead.”

This was the first Isaac had heard these details.

Nothe raised an eyebrow. “The Planet… of the Dead?”

“Yes.” Her hair fell into her face for a moment, but then she straightened her shoulders. “So I can bring back souls that have been lost.”

Rain looked up from the book and furrowed his brow. “Uuuhhh…” ….

Nothe, with a face that clearly said, ‘I regret to inform you that you don’t know what you’re talking about,’ added a profound, “Naaah… I don’t think that’s how death works…. At least, not from what I’ve experienced,” …. Nothe gave a small, thoughtful shrug. “I suppose it could be different—I guess—organized differently, on different worlds.”

Rain shook his head again. “But, I really don’t think so. Death—it’s made up of completely alternate dimensions.”


“Completely different planes of existence against our current plane, regardless of the planet, right?”

Nothe nodded. “Right. Yeah.”

“Would it not, like—”

“—totally cover the whole universe—”

“Yeah. That.”

“Probably. That’s probably how universes work, I imagine.” ….

Isaac wasn’t sure what to think of anything he’d just heard. “Alternate dimensions” were apparently “different planes of existence against our current plane” and were what Death was made up of. If it were a different plane of existence, then it could live right alongside this plane of existence, correct? Isaac was trying to understand. He thought it made sense. Maybe.

To everyone’s great surprise, Elise did not seem to care for their reasoning and said in a tone that silenced even the grass, “You’re wrong.”

Isaac looked at the two men, amused to see someone else unsettled by Elise. Their lips fused together, and their glances met each other. Then Rain said with a shrug, “Well, what do we know?”

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