3 Days Till Cover Reveal

Nothing wrong with getting a Christmas present early, right?? 🎄

Yes, I know it’s August! 🍁

But I daresay, it’s the perfect time to reveal the cover of What Actually Happened to Isaac Moore! I mean, December 6th is going to be here before ya know it!

I just can’t wait to open this present… but no need to rush it either, am I right?

What Actually Happened to Isaac Moore is a portal fantasy (did you know that was a genre? I didn’t!) about an American merchant sailor from the Victorian era who ticks off a supernatural being… one who happens to look like a fairy, but ya know, human-sized and really mean. She drags him beneath the ocean to a river that exists in an alternate dimension—a massive bridge flowing between worlds. It’s there where he’ll meet two shapeshifters (you might know them as Nothe and Rain from The Very Real World of Emily Adams), who’ll help them along their journey to find the Planet of the Dead.

Mark your calendars for December 6, y’all! And stay tuned for the cover reveal, and excerpts from What Actually Happened to Isaac Moore!!

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