Happy Easter! … on Sunday!

Paul, my kids and I had a pretty good Easter, full of baskets, chocolate, gifts, giant stuffed animals and time with family. I hid a few eggs, and Ollie found some LONG before the hunt started. But I absolutely loved the discussion we had at the end of the day. My boys are so smart. They’ve got hearts of gold, and ask important questions. I’m always impressed by how much they really listen and remember, even when I talk too much.

As we discussed the Resurrection, Canon said, “It’s funny how those people who killed Him, they ultimately failed. They got nothing … well, they were cursed.”

Man, I leapt all over that. I loved it so much. I’ll tell you why—at least, I’ll try. When feelings reach a certain part of your heart, they develop a language of their own. From there, all you can do is try to translate, and mere words fail to encompass all that is experienced in those feelings.

I think about the Savior, and all He went through. Not only has He lived all the crap I’ve experienced through His Atonement, but He experienced personally, hatred, bullying, and abuse. He was ostracized by His people. “He was despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows.” (Isaiah 53:3)

But He knew who He was, and He overcame it all. He rose from the dead, thwarting every sly, evil move His tormentors threw at Him, leaving them to wither away in the shadows—a curse they chose through their pride, refusing to move, to step into the sunlight and grow. And because of what He has done, His light can pierce through any darkness that engulfs us. He reminds us of who we really are, that EACH ONE OF US matters, and that we are loved perfectly. When we begin to know who we are to Him, and feel His perfect love—which is truly like sunlight—the cruelty of the world starts to roll off our backs. The love of the Savior illuminates the whole soul, chasing all those cruel voices back into the shadows where they belong. And they have no victory. Death has no victory. I’m so grateful to know that my family is forever. But even spiritually, we can come back to life through Him. I know this, because I’ve lived it. ☀️

Artwork by Julius Von Klever

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