There Is Room for You

Saturday, I went to the temple for the first time since Covid hit. My parents—I just love them with all my heart—have been working in the Manti temple. In a few weeks, the temple will close for renovations, with some big changes, and I just wanted to be there with them before that happens. The temple only has a few open seats per session due to Covid restrictions and when I tried to get in, they were full! However, a sweet guy came to my rescue, making room for me so I could go.

What followed was the most precious experience at a session that I have ever had. My parents are so awesome and I’m just so proud of them! I cried, my heart was so full, and I just felt how eternal our families are—this life isn’t it. Our families are united forever.

And I felt and knew, that perfect, pure LOVE is Who God is.

It’s quite simple. On one side is darkness (and fake light, like that from a bulb that may illuminate the room but will make you sick and depressed if it’s all you get), confusion, fear, despair, pain, prejudice and hate. And let’s not forget imitation love—cruel, like imitation butter or fake sugar.

That’s what evil is.

On the other side, there’s genuine Light, like that of the rising sun on a spring day. There’s Wisdom, Knowledge, Truth, Faith, Hope, genuine Peace, Joy and Perfect, Pure Love, like wholesome, nutritious food that heals, that clears and illuminates the mind, and builds up the body. It’s just genuinely good for the soul.

And that’s what God is.

While I sat in the chapel of the temple, I felt uneasy. People, with their imitation love, once made me believe that God could never love me, that I’m worthless. So as more people showed up, the less welcome I felt.

All of that melted away.

Because the session wasn’t about me and people. It was about me and the God who I know, through seeking Him, loves me. He loves me, and my people-fearing, monster-loving, damaged, pansexual brain. When I pray with all my heart, all I feel is His love for me, and Him letting me know, “There’s room for you at My side.”

And it’s the same for you.

I know, whoever you are, whatever your scars, Jesus Christ loves you. He understands you perfectly. And there is room for you at His side.

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