How to Make the World a Better Place #3

The truth of a thing doesn’t rely on your believing it. It remains true regardless of whether you believe it or not.

Like the Earth being round. Not *perfectly* round, mind you, but still round. It’s fine if you don’t believe that. It can’t change the fact that it’s round.

Just like how believing that you don’t matter, can’t change the reality that you, in fact, *do.*

That’s just the way it is. It’s simply the truth.

However, unlike it being fine to believe the Earth is flat, it’s devastating to believe that you don’t matter. Not because this has the power to change the truth, but because it changes *you.* It hurts *you* and the people around you that care about you and love you dearly, and the people you encounter every day.

You matter.

Let me say it again: *YOU* matter.

Your happiness matters.

Your hopes and dreams, matter.

Your feelings matter.

Your need to be heard and validated, matters.

The things you do, matter.

Your actions, your words, they matter. They make a difference in the lives of the people you encounter every. single. day. Some action or word or phrase you might think isn’t a big deal, might actually change someone else’s entire world, for better or worse.

I have experienced this personally. So often, it’s the kind, thoughtful words and actions of others—things they probably don’t even think about again after they say or do them—that have kept my head above water. My kids hanging out with me, their smiles, laughter and I-love-yous. Cards and packages sent when the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Messages, texts, visits and phone calls from friends and family just checking in. Thoughtful neighbors. A kind, patient professor. Thoughts shared in church. My husband saying a million nice things, going for drives with me, and staying up late to hang out when I’m having a particularly bad day.

Your life makes a difference within the space you reside on this Earth, so long as your heart is beating. *No act of kindness is ever too small.* I can testify to that. Small acts of kindness are a big reason why I’m still alive.

Stop believing that big, little lie that you don’t matter, that you are not loved by God. This is the *complete* opposite of the truth!

Which truth is true, whether you believe it or not.

If you ever start to slip and forget, catch that lie in its tracks and remind yourself of the truth. Eventually, with great diligence, your train of thought will change.

And if you have someone in your life that keeps making you forget—find a way out of that situation. Because you don’t deserve that crap. You don’t! Because you matter!

So let me say it again: You make a difference, you matter.

You matter.

Remember that.

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