Book Cover Reveal Day!

Here it is! The beautiful, awesome, amazing cover to my novel, The Very Real World of Emily Adams, created by my incredibly talented husband, Paul Rose. I couldn’t be happier with this. He used Bob Ross techniques with the tree, because there are Bob Ross quotes throughout the book, because I love him. The cover also features Emily Adams and Lipstick Rick. I just teared up typing that, I just love that they’re on the cover. I freaking LOVE this cover!!! Thank you so much, Paul!!!

I can’t wait to hold this book, with this cover, in my hands!!! The little 5-year-old girl in me, that used to dissect books in an attempt to figure out how they were made so she could make one herself, is just so inexplicably happy right now.

6 weeks from today! AHHH!!!

Preorders will be available in a couple of weeks!

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