Beware of Monsters

I don’t know who drew this, but it’s amazing!

Fun thought for your Halloween night: Remember, the monsters aren’t the creatures in your movies or on TV… you walk among them every. single. day. They’re perfectly hidden, because they look just like everybody else. You may have handed one their change, and they may have thanked you with a smile. You wouldn’t have known, because the difference is in their secret thoughts, the motives behind their charm… the things you can’t see. They squeeze their way into your trust like the bugs living in the walls of your home.

You might know one now, and not even realize it. You might laugh at their hilarious jokes on a regular basis. You might sympathize with their sad upbringing. You may have confided secrets to them. They might have your phone number. They might know where you live… where you sleep.

I knew one, once… I had to block her phone number and on social media, because she wouldn’t leave me alone. I had to move away, somewhere I was sure she wouldn’t find me. I was so afraid of her, of what she might do to me, to my family. I still am… because she’s still out there, convincing people she’s harmless until they’re trapped… In fact, you might know her. Indeed, I know some of you do… be careful out there.

And people wonder why I have anthropophobia.

🎃 Happy Halloween .

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