Almost There…

There she is, ladies and gentlemen. My manuscript, draft 10.5. 10.5!!! For the love, *don’t* you judge your book by its early drafts. You have SO many more to go through!

At minus 31,000+ words from the original manuscript, I am finally done with cutting. HOORAY! So, I have chosen to print this off, get it bound at FedEx, and read it with a Dr. Pepper and vanilla cream, just like I would any other book, and see if I trip over anything. There’s only one more round of edits after this… which is just… SO EXCITING, exhilarating and terrifying, and wonderful and—AH!!!

Now, I’ve had people ask me what my novel is about, and… I’ve simply given up trying to explain it without a script, because my brain does this thing where it trips and falls and knocks over all the words when I try to talk about something that’s so very important to me. When I was waiting with other authors for my turn at the pitch session, I would try to explain my book, and I remember seeing this very distinct expression on their faces: “Oh, you poor thing, bless you for trying,” mixed with, “Well, at least my book is better than yours.” But now, that very book is what’s coming out in June 2020, having been accepted by a publisher from that very conference.

Because I had a script. Here is a summary of said script:

After 23-year-old Emily Adams is pushed down the stairs by her boyfriend, she decides that she’s had quite enough—of him, of life, of everything. But before she can do anything drastic, she’s rescued by the most unexpected of strangers, a magic man who goes by the name of Richard (a.k.a. Lipstick Rick). But after Rick disappears, she finds herself at a loss of what to do next, until another encounter with a weird guy with a red eye places her right in the middle of a battle to save the world from monsters that lurk in the shadows.

It has everything: fencing (sort of), fighting, monsters, aliens, greedy celebrities, the end of the world, true love, miracles…

And… that’s what it’s all about.

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