Track Three

The hot chocolate wasn’t actually hot. It was more like chocolate water put in the microwave for thirty seconds. It also had a funky, metallic aftertaste, like it’d been microwaved in a can and the can had caught fire and melted a little. But the whipped cream made it drinkable. … More Track Three

Track Two

I couldn’t help but see the elevator as very smug and quite pleased with itself, as if it had something to do with everything that had just happened. I decided it was allowed to believe that, and said a quiet “thank you” to it as we got on. … More Track Two

Challenge Accepted

I probably shouldn’t be sharing this, but, this is the first time I’ve drawn anything in years. Years! (Well, aside from doodles when I’m bored or trying to entertain Ollie at church.) Today, something weird clicked in my head and I was determined to get all the art-things, and then I tried to draw Rain—a … More Challenge Accepted