Track Three

The hot chocolate wasn’t actually hot. It was more like chocolate water put in the microwave for thirty seconds. It also had a funky, metallic aftertaste, like it’d been microwaved in a can and the can had caught fire and melted a little. But the whipped cream made it drinkable. … More Track Three

Track Two

I couldn’t help but see the elevator as very smug and quite pleased with itself, as if it had something to do with everything that had just happened. I decided it was allowed to believe that, and said a quiet “thank you” to it as we got on. … More Track Two

I Love Christmas

When something means everything to me, I really struggle to put it into words. It takes me forever to figure it out. I’ve been thinking about this for days, and I still don’t know how. I’ve had a lot of wonderful things going on, but man, there’s this weird conflict in my head that would … More I Love Christmas